NUI Galway Graduates win European Society for Biomaterials European Doctoral Awards

24th July 2015

NUI Galway graduates Dr. Shane Browne and Dr Michael Monaghan have both been awarded the European Society for Biomaterials-European Doctoral Award for their research in biomaterials. The award is given annually by the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) and confers added value to the doctoral degrees of the recipients.

CÚRAM PhD student awarded first prize for best materials presentation at the UK Society for Biomaterials Annual Conference

14th July 2015

 CÚRAM PhD student Diana Gaspar has been awarded first prize for her presentation entitled 'Modulation of cell microenvironment with oxygen tension and macromolecular crowding: A multifactorial approach towards in vitro organogenesis' at the UK Society for Biomaterials Annual Conference held at Ulster University. The award was sponsored by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

New CÚRAM Project to Merge with Science

27th May 2015

CÚRAM is poised to design and create implantable ‘smart’ medical devices. Implants will be designed and manufactured to respond to the body’s environment and to deliver therapeutic agents, such as drugs, exactly where needed.